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Salem’s Season Finale Is Full of Love and Blood

Salem’s second season wrapped up this week. The fate of many characters revolve around love, both familial and romantic, Cotton Mather proves yet again he is the worst witch hunter ever and someone provides a feast for crows. Spoilers ahead.

Countess Marburg is pleased her dark lord and lover has returned (even though he’s in the form of a young boy) until he makes it clear he really wants Mary Sibley as his future bride as well as the mother of his human vessel.


Mary would rather die than have anything to do with the thing in the form of her son. She tries to take the Countess with her in fiery death but is thwarted by Anne, who has accepted that she is the Countess’ daughter and a true Marburg witch.

Little John has no use for the non-Marburg witches (other than Mary). He bites of the end of Mercy’s finger (the one she had lost in the first season but had healed by the Countess). Mercy finally understands she was nothing more than a servant for the Countess, who casts her out of her house. Tituba is told to leave Salem. On the road out of town she is attacked by a murder of crows. (Really, that is the term. Look it up.)

Cotton Mather finds out that he not only married a witch but that she is a Marburg. Of course he can’t just walk away and alert the magistrate. He has to tell her what he’s up to first so she can trap him in her secret room. (Though since the magistrate has been spending his free time sucking the Countess’ toes talking to him might not have worked out well anyway.) Anne takes care of her Cotton problem by forcing her familiar down his throat to control him much the way Mary controlled George Sibley.


Sebastian Marburg is still in love with Mary. When his mother orders him to kill Mary and bring her Mary’s blood he spares Mary’s life after taking enough blood to convince the Countess the deed is done. Sebastian directs her to follow John Alden’s blood trail through the forest.


The Countess’ obsessive love for her devil lover and jealousy for Mary catches up to her. Little John isn’t fooled by the Countess’ lie that Mary killed herself and stabs her. Sebastian closes the casket containing the Countess’ remains so she will be trapped after resurrecting.

Mary finds John’s dead body and uses her blood to bring him back to life. But she has already lost so much blood that reviving John Alden may have killed her. (Does anyone really believe Mary is dead?)


Assorted thoughts if Salem gets a third season:

  • Mercy Lewis is running around snatching children and dreaming of being the queen witch. She’ll still be a thorn in everyone’s side.
  • Little John/The Devil is still loose in Salem. If there’s another season I guess he will the Big Bad. With the Countess gone (for now at least) he probably inherits the services of the magistrate as well as Sebastian and Anne Hale Mather (Marburg).
  • Will Isaac finally have something to do besides being a pawn for others?

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