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Santa Clarita Diet is Here - Are You Watching? - Ep. 1 & 2

New Netflix show alert! She’s not Kate Hudson. Drew Barrymore is here her show The Santa Clarita Diet is fun! And gross! And Fun! This image is from episode 6, but let’s discuss episode 1 and 2 in this post, right? I’ll try to keep it spoiler free in the post, but the comments will contain spoilers.

So here are my basic impressions:

  • I do not love Drew Barrymore at the beginning, but she grew on me.
  • Holy cow it gets graphic!
  • I love douchebag Nathan Philion.
  • I do not love all the developments with douchebag Philion.
  • I love SOME developments with the douche.
  • That is more than not a lot amount of vomit.
  • I think the show is really trying to have quote-able dialog... it sometimes succeeds.
  • Please do not misplace boxes’ covers. They are an important part of the box experience.
  • I like the annoying teen daughter.
  • I am not sure how much I love the tropey nerd.

Discuss! Also, If you have reviews you want to share, put the link in the comments and I will update the post with them.


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