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Saturday GIF Party - Beep Beep Edition

So, the long awaited and - loooong Second Chapter of It is here. Despite the fact that I already found the first one a little overhyped and 2 added some pacing issues on top of it (they could have really put most of those 80s scenes in the first one) and I stand by the opinion that Tim Curry remains a superior Pennywise, no matter how creepy Skarsgard is, it’s reason enough to dedicate the GIF party to Killer Clowns and Giants Spiders. :)


It’s not a bad movie - The Special effects of course are better than in the 90s and I love the antique shop scene - because they finally appreciate Silver (even if due to the lack of build up it doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t read the book) and because I love the cameo. :) One thing though - Mrs. Kersh was creepy in the book, but in no way was she naked. Why is it that Americans can’t seem to imagine anything more creepy than nekkid women?

Tangent aside - It’s open topic, no matter what. If you don’t have anything to say about It, post GIFs about any it you want in the replies.

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