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Saturday GIF Party - It's.....

Monty Python’s Flying Circussss’s 50th Birthday!

On October 5th, 1969, 10:50 pm GMT, the little show that launched the greatest comedians of all times was aired by the BBC for the first time.


I for one found it - and Monty Python with it - when my regional German TV channel aired the whole thing when I was about 15. I watched it all, I bought the companion books, I still have the complete show on DVD - which I had to buy on ebay for over 300€ when DVDs and ebay were fresh and exiting.... I was fortunate to see special screenings of the three major films on the big screen. And own them on DVD and their companion books, of course. As well as anniversary specials and the Hollywood Bowl Stage show.

I may even have seen Spamelot on stage... One of 4 musicals I’ve seen life in my lifetime. (Not on Broadway, but I do have the CD of THAT version...)

Wait... what’s this post about? Right... GIF Party...


Obviously you’re invited to post a Monty Python GIF or two, if you’re so inclined. (You’ll notice I resisted using the classics so you can. ;) )

If you don’t find them funny...


...you can post about any other topic you want as well, even though... Why?


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