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Saturday GIF Party - Saturdays for Science

In between protest Marches (Fridays for future yesterday and a pro bicycle march tomorrow that’s technically protest ride, I guess) that both started right in front of my door, which is rare enough - living in a 200,000 people city, most protest matches make make me drive for an hour. Wich means I’m in a mood. So let’s stay on topic and protest for Science and The Earth via GIFs


Well, I do. It’s open topic as usual, post a GIF about whatever you want. ;)

Personal Post Script

There’s an impersonator of me on Kinja. (A right wing gun nut, because you can never be impersonated by nice people can you?) He’s been reported, but until someone takes care of him, if you see someone with my nick and Avatar rambling about how I love my gun or being white, please ingore the asshole.

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