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Saturday Open Thread: There's A Reason They Call Them "Bored" Games.

Depending where you happen to call home you’re either about half way thru your Saturday or halfway thru your weekend. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

I’ve always enjoyed a good board game, but unfortunately I lived in the sticks so for the most part my only option for a second player was my sister. She wasn’t as much of a fan of board games and usually hit me with the witty line from the title of this thread. About once a week we maybe played a game of Yahtzee, Life, Clue, Monopoly, or Trivial Pursuit. Once I got old enough to beat her on the later two options, many of the games ended like this.


Obviously I never bothered to ask her to play anything like Hero’s Quest. Also I wasn’t sure if the 3d board for Fireball Island would handle the flip so it stayed safely in my closet.

All was not lost, during sleepovers and later when I could drive the 30 to 40 miles to friends places, board games became more of the norm and I still love spending an evening with friends gathered around a table combining small talk, trash talk, and strategy. Also if your friends have a knack for impressions things the Archer board game quickly become side splitting hilarious.

So my suggested question for all of odeck today is, What’s your favorite board game either all time or right now, or both? Or do and talk about whatever, that’s what the open thread is about.

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