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Saturday slime slops in from Salford

Meat products at the ready.

On Monday, the main page had a report from James Whitbrook on Ofcom’s adjudication about ITV News carrying the chestbusting scene from Alien during a report of the death of John Hurt. This announcement came immediately after Scrambled!, an umbrella show that carries a range of children’s shows from Dino Dan through Scooby Doo to Thunderbirds Are Go.

Naturally, exposing kiddie-winks to blood and gore was less important to some than the revelation that a British broadcaster was still airing a block of animated shows on a Saturday morning. Who would have thunk it!!  


Now in the American sense, I don’t think we ever had “Saturday Morning Cartoons” but we more than made up for that with other things to rot the mind. And cartoons would invariably pop up in the middle of those things.

The Tiswas team. Didn’t they have the Phantom Flan Flinger?

So anyway, Auntie Beeb is looking to turn the clock back and recapture those halcyon days when Saturday morning television was Live & Dangerous. Have they used that title before?

The buckets of gunge are at the ready, celebrity invites are being sent out and kids should expect the unexpected as CBBC launches a live entertainment extravaganza every Saturday morning from the Autumn.


This new two-hour show on CBBC aims to continue the tradition of iconic Saturday morning programmes such as Going Live!, Saturday Superstore and Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, or I suppose Tiswas which caused chaos and calamity on the other side.

Currently known under the working title Live & Dangerous, the new show will be packed full of celebrity guests, games, sketches, gunge and some of CBBC’s favourite shows. You can swing your pants again!


For twelve weeks, it will broadcast live from MediaCityUK in Manchester each weekend. Viewers in the studio and at home will get the chance to interact all morning - quizzing pop stars and playing games on the CBBC digital platforms.

The presenters are still to be confirmed but it is highly likely that CBBC favourite Hacker T. Dog will be on hand to add his own unique take to proceedings each week. Hacker, coincidentally, came second on Celebrity Mastermind.

Cheryl Taylor, CBBC Controller, says: “The presentation team are the beating heart of CBBC and their expanded role on Saturday mornings to deliver a live extravaganza will cause great excitement for our audience. We have been using new technology to connect with the 6-12s for some time now and I’m proud to be in a position to offer unique live participation opportunities which will make CBBC an even more special destination on Saturdays.”


Will they do a crossover with Saturday Kitchen? Has Hacker ever done the Omelette Challenge?

It could be a slimy September in Salford!


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