This week’s episode of Colony manages to mix tense moments with some useful information about Proxy Snyder, the Hosts and the bigger picture of what’s happening in the world. Given where most of this episode takes place, it’s a play on words to call it a bottle episode. Spoilers ahead.

“Yoknapatawpha” picks up where last week’s episode left off as Snyder’s convoy (with Will Bowman conveniently in the Proxy’s vehicle) is about to roll into a Resistance ambush.

But first we spend some time with Helena Goldwin, the chief of staff for the Governor General of California. Snyder’s position in the hierarchy isn’t too secure.


Broussard initiates the ambush by killing his fellow Redhats in the convoy’s lead vehicle (obviously he didn’t like their taste in music). Resistance fighters in DHS (i.e. Redhat) uniforms appear and attack Snyder’s vehicle. It looks like they are turncoat Redhats like Broussard and for now that’s the assumption I’m going with. Will fights back and escapes the ambush with Snyder.

Katie reprises her role as Resistance Timekeeper during the ambush. The purpose of timing drone response a few episodes ago is now clear. Broussard pulls his people back before the drones arrive and Katie heads to the Yonk.


Will and Snyder also turn up at the Yonk to wait for back-up but Katie alerts the Resistance. Thus begins a dangerous game between Will, Katie, Broussard and Snyder. Will is too much of a straight arrow to seriously consider turning Snyder over to the Resistance. Katie is trying not to reveal her involvement in the Resistance to Will while trying to get Snyder into the hands of the Resistance without getting Will killed. Broussard has his orders to bring in Snyder but is also trying to keep his word about not harming Will. And Snyder is being Snyder.

Here is when Snyder starts dropping information bombs. Snyder was the Provost at Stanford when the Hosts approached him and his Ph.D. in economics to run the Los Angeles Block. Snyder knows of seven Colonies on the West Coast but not much else about what’s going on in the world. He also claimed to have located the Bowman’s son in the Santa Monica Block and is working through a ton of red tape to get him to Los Angeles. Everyone in the Colony was screened through the “Rolodex” database to select people for certain jobs. And yes, Snyder has met at least one Host.


Katie manages to keep her secret from Will though his subterfuge about Snyder’s locatio during the final assault on the Yonk suggests he still has some doubts about her (or at least thought she might give up Snyder given the opportunity). Her faith in the Resistance as shaken by Will’s revelation about Geronimo not being the great Resistance leader. On the flip side the leader of Broussard’s Resistance group now thinks Katie is a double agent really working for the Transitional Authority.


Assorted thoughts:

  • Personally, I’m with Will about Snyder and think he was right to protect him. He is the devil they know and I agree that he is probably the least bad choice as leader of the L.A. Block.
  • Not surprisingly, there are conspiracy theories floating around the L.A. Block that the Arrival was planned for decades with the knowledge of the government. But where there’s smoke there may be fire. (The truth is out there!)
  • Judging from Helena Goldwin, Phyllis and Katie’s sister’s new boss hair dye is a perk of living in the Green Zone.