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Saw Iron Man 3, Got JLA #4 and The Wake #1 Today

I'm going to put my (non-spoilery) thoughts on The Wake #1 in this first paragraph, then in the second paragraph and beyond I'm going to get super spoilery about the cliffhanger at the end of JLA #4, and about Iron Man 3, so you've been warned. The Wake #1 seems interesting, and well written. I like the art. I'm going to keep getting it past the first issue, but so far it is very by the numbers, in a The Thing or That Episode of X-Files Inspired By The Thing kind of way. Except this time, it's with mermaids instead of shapeshifters! I'm hoping it gets a little less predictable as it progresses.


Iron Man 3 was really, really, really, really, really, really good. I actually got spoiled accidentally about the Mandarin twist, but I really admire the level of dedication they put into pulling it off. All of the marketing seemed to be about Ben Kingsley as the bad guy, and to have him be a very minor player in the end was spectacular. The actual villain was cool, the plot was clever and went places I didn't expect, and the movie as a whole was a lot better than Iron Man 2, and maybe even the first. By taking away his suits for most of the movie, it forced the film into really becoming about the writing and acting, not just the effects, and it humanized tony in a way the second film just couldn't manage.

As someone with an anxiety disorder, I found the stuff about him experiencing panic attacks super interesting. Anxiety seems like a punchline in most modern media, so I'm glad Iron Man 3 portrayed it what felt like pretty accurately to me, even when movies like Silver Linings Playbook, ostensibly about people with mental disorders, couldn't, or wouldn't (the comedy character who shows up throughout the film is mentioned to have an anxiety disorder and ADHD in one of the opening scenes, and that's never mentioned again). My main complaint about that subplot though is that it basically disappears in the third act of the film (he has the panic attack in the car, the kid says to build something, and they hardly mention it again for the rest of the film), and doesn't really reappear. Would have liked more resolution for that, or at least some acknowledgement since they built it up to something.

I do kind of wish they hadn't burned through their Mandarin with this bait and switch though. I would have preferred to have Ben Kingsley turn out to be an actor, and have the real Mandarin appear, perhaps at the end or in an easter egg, suggesting that the real Mandarin with the magic rings is still out there.

Excellent movie though, much better than the second, maybe even better than the first.

Ok, now for JLA #4.

They didn't reaaaaallly just kill off Catwoman, did they? I mean... What? This has to be a fakeout, right? I did a little research after reading this, and Catwoman's solo series is scheduled to continue, so either they're replacing her, this isn't the real Catwoman who got shot, or it's a complete fakeout. Theories, anyone? My favorite so far is that it's been an imposter Catwoman in the JLA so far.

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