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Say Hello to Lockjaw

This picture is part of a set of pics taken from the filming of the Inhumans show in Hawaii. Yes, that is a giant blue statue of Lockjaw. Yes, I am excited.

For those who don’t know, Lockjaw is a giant, teleporting dog that the Inhuman Royal Family have. He’s about the giant of the Thing, actually, and has a tuning fork on his head.


He’s also adorable. Also, it’s a good thing that the Inhumans show is only eight episodes, because they probably need a lot of money in order to put Lockjaw in every episode. I assume he’s in every episode, but if he’s not, I will riot.

And now I want Lockjaw to somehow interact with everyone in the MCU. He has teleportation powers, it could happen. Just, you know, have him show up in front of Tony Stark randomly and then disappear and Tony would just, like, throw away the scotch he was drinking. Or have Simmons meet him and hug him and pet him and tell him he’s the cutest.

I guess what I’m saying it, I want a Lockjaw series.

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