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Say hello to one of the worst TV reviews I've read in ages


I guess I shouldn't expect high art from something like Entertainment Weekly, but read this and see if you agree with me on just how bad this review is:


I know not everybody loves the TV version of The Strain (especially many who have read the books) but some of the specific things in this 'review' are cringe-worthy:

* Right at the end, they say this: "Eph swigs some booze, and after what he just went through, we can't say we blame him. Cheers!" Oh my god, REALLY? The character is an ALCOHOLIC, you idiots!! This is NOT an action you should 'cheer'. It was more of an 'oh shit" moment when I watched it, because I guarantee a slide back into alcoholism is the LAST thing the vampire hunting crew needs from Eph.

* Maybe I'm being a nerd, but... does every sci fi/horror TV vampire-genre mixed team need to be called "Scoobies" now? That was pretty much a Joss Whedon/Buffy The VAmpire Slayer thing. Points deducted for lack of originality, EW! Try coming up with something original next time.

* Another really horrible quote: "We aren't really that mad, but at least she had more of a clue than Kathleen Sebelius." Oh please, EW, don't try your hand at political satire. You're not even remotely qualified to pull it off tolerably, let alone amusingly.


* DETAILS: Did we watch the same episode, EW? I'm pretty damned sure that Eph actually shot Vamp Kelly: just not in the head. She's injured (silver bullets) but not incapacitated. I think the smoking hole in her left shoulder is the dead giveaway here.

* One more: "She displays her decent singing voice by mumbling a creepy tune on the roof, but instead of singing her sorrows away, she really needs a hot shower and a good blowout". EW, I've got something you can blow out...


Yep, my nerd-rage is building...

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