Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hear me out. Yes whitewashing is still a thing and it sucks and representation is important but I look at the ScarJo casting as a symptom, not the disease. What the casting choice is telegraphing is obviously casheesh and cynicism but of greater importance is the cultural nuance of GITS that’s going to fall by the wayside. Watch this insightful vid and you’ll see that an Americanized version of the anime with an Asian actress won’t change the fact that not only is the cyberpunk masterpiece going to be dumbed down... the core themes will most likely be scrapped.


I’m of the opinion only a live action directed by Mamoru Oshii would do it justice, and obviously Rupert whatshisface will make something shiny and silly. Oddly enough Masamune Shirow wrote an Americanized version of GITS called Neuro Heat (yes it sounds like an 80s Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith flick), with the Major being swapped out for a blonde bionic woman, and Batou sporting a ‘stache.

So it’s not ScarJo’s fault. It’s not a casting issue... it’s a story issue.

Bonus tchotchke: here’s a GITS/Deus Ex HR mash-up to cheer you up.

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