You have no idea how loud I squeeeeed when I saw that Frogs was on Netflix.

This is one of my top 5 creature/nature strikes back features of all time. It stars a classic Ray Milland, a super sexy shirtless Sam Elliot and, as if that wasn't enough, JOAN VAN ARK IN A YELLOW ONSIE!!! Couldn't you just faint??!!??

Yes, there are plot holes you could drive The Millennium Falcon through. Yes, the story makes no sense. Yes, it implies that a 3 inch gecko can knock over a heavy bottle of poison, BUT ignore all of that and let the nonsense wash over you. If you've ever wanted to see reptiles and amphibians get revenge on the bourgeois masses, this is the movie for you.

And if anyone can tell me why everyone is wearing coats, in July, at the end of the movie or how the butterflies and the snakes communicated to organize their attack on Iris, I'll give you a kitten .gif, BUT I DEMAND FACTS AND EVIDENCE FIRST!



Seriously, Sam Elliot is a sex bomb in this movie!