Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Both were overheard mid-conversation, so enjoy the in media res.

Scary because they really happened.

Conversation #1

Customer: ". . . some could argue that it could have psychological effects."
Employee: "I think your best bet is going to be medicine, which we don't carry, or maybe biology or something in the sciences here."
C: "What about astronomy?"
E: "You wanted a book on the effects of temperature on the human body?"
C: "Yeah. Or maybe that would be in mineralogy?"
E: "I think it's going to be in biology, if we have it."
C: "No I think temperature is mineralogy."


Conversation #2

Different Customer: ". . . by Albert Einstein."
Different Employee: "Actually On the Origin of the Species was originally written by Charles Darwin."
DC: "I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that it was Einstein..."
<then my wife said something to me and I missed an exchange or two, sorry.>
DE: "It's right over here, let me show you—"
DC: "I want the one by Einstein."
DE: "We . . . don't carry that one."
DC: "Oh."

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