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Today, I was able to make a quick excursion to the Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, FL, and thought I'd share a few photos. Only wish I had time to venture out to the underwater domain of the manatees as well. Maybe next time...

This isn't as precarious as it looks. The mid-afternoon temp was in the low '60s, cold for a gator, so the one pictured above would typically be more focused on warming up and digesting whatever meal was likely already in his belly rather than hunting for something new to eat.


Big Freddie and his ladies.

Upper Myakka Lake is currently 3 ft. higher than normal due to a few heavy rainstorms over the past several weeks. From close-up, the water appears tea-colored; this is the result of tannin produced by pine needles and oak leaves decaying in the lake.

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