Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

School is starting soon and you know what that means .......

It's time for the back to school sale at the MudderofCantonGeekRageShoppe (wow still no better watyto shorten that maybe an acronym or something). Proclaim you nerdom and you nerd rage with our line of Nolan made Superman a Murderer e-cards. Yes I like Sta Trek no I don't like New Trek cards. Proclaim. Yourself team hard g or soft g .gif tee shirts. Wanna start a petition to save your favorite show or to bring a show back. We have your easy kits prewritten petitions right here (just erase Firefly,Dollhouse and Young Justice) and you are ready to go. Think your favorite show needs a kickstarter read our new book Use Your New powers For Good: Just cus we got a V. Mars doesnt mean we need a heroes movie. We are still your headquarters for pitchforks and torches and of course the scream rooms are available. Because you may want to get this off your chest but no one wants to here that. This weekend only you get a free if you don't like my nerd stuff don't follow me on pinterest poster. And our newest addition debate team first topic JJ Abrams why? So come on down today.


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