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Sci-Fi Amnesty

I've never seen Alien.

Put down the pitchforks! I'm still the same old Eldritch you all know and... tolerate. I'm just bad at "scary" movies. I love a good horror novel (I mean, look at my name, seriously) but the second you put that stuff on a screen it just wrecks me. Even the commercial for a scary movie will give me nightmares. Why? Who knows. Brains are funny things, aren't they?


Despite having never seen Alien, I'm a huge fan of the xenomorph and of H.R Giger's artwork. After his recent passing (RIP you glorious, creepy bastard) I've decided to try and track down a copy of Alien and watch it. With the lights on, of course. Hiding behind a pillow. Whimpering.

There are so many classics of science fiction and fantasy that we, as fans, are kind of expected to have seen. It's kind of the genre default. You don't ask someone if they've seen Star Wars because it's Star Wars! Of course they've seen Star Wars! Except there are people out there that haven't. There are genre fans that haven't seen Lord of the Rings or the Star Trek TV series or Doctor Who.

So since I've revealed one of the sci-fi classics I've completely missed, now is the time to admit to what heavy hitters you haven't seen. No judgments made! Total amnesty!

What classic of sci-fi have you not seen yet?

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