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Science Fiction Super Bowl

On 99s post, I came up with some fun ways that both teams might lose the superbowl. One of them was Ballghazi related, but the other two were more sci-fi or fantasy. And I realized that I had a lot of fun coming up with them.

I now ask you to do the same. It doesn't have to be about both teams losing or even include the two super bowl teams that are in this year. What crazy sci-fi or fantasy hijinks would you want to see at the super bowl? Maybe you're into cephalopods and want to see how different types of limbs would end up going. Or perhaps you want to see how Captain versus Starlord really would go. Whatever it is, have fun, tell us about it!


(Below are my two.)

Bryan Walters learned how to communicate with animals, and he calls upon the osprey to attack! They do so, in something reminiscent of Hitchcock's The Birds. Only, Walters hasn't done enough training, it's too much and they start attacking their team and all the people in the stands. Eyeballs get eaten, ears get pecked at, and no one can win the game.

Luckily, no one can pin it on Walters, but they decide that this super bowl is a bust. No winners. And think of the movies, conspiracies. It'd last for eons!

A giant hole opens up in the middle of the stadium. All the players get sucked in, along with the coaches and such. A big booming voice announces 'Ha ha. No one wins this super bowl' from the heavens. We have our first proof of God and boy, is he drunk. Clearly, he wanted the Packers (the only team I care about, mostly because of the cheese) to be in the super bowl as well.

God later realizes what an ass he was, brings the players back, it's a miracle. But still, they're pretty traumatized and decide that super bowls just aren't worth it. Both Patriots and Seahawks quit, forming a new religion, where they live out their day speaking about how God loves cheese.

Art taken from Superhero Super Bowl from Comics Alliance.

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