That's a bit hypocritical for an Order that doesn't believe in attachments.

But yes, The Free Church of Scotland have today spoken out against the proposed act - not due to the inclusion of Marriages for Gay and Lesbian couples, but because the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill would also bring into law a third ceremony that would allow Organisations that promote a non-religious belief (such as Humanists) to perform marriages that would be recognised by the Scottish government:

Church spokesman, the Reverend Iver Martin, told BBC Alba: "The third category is quite astonishing because it is the so-called belief category without really defining what belief means.

"There are loads of people in a diverse society like this for whom belief can mean virtually anything - the Flat Earth Society and Jedi Knights Society - who knows?

"I am not saying that we don't give place to that kind of personal belief, but when you start making allowances for marriages to be performed within those categories then you are all over the place."

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government confirmed that Organisations wishing to conduct the ceremonies would first have to pass a series of tests before they have the right to Solemnisation, so the Jedi aren't exactly out of the woods yet - but if the Bill passes in Holyrood, it might not belong before you hear "Now by the power invested in me by the Jedi Council and the Force, you may kiss the Wookiee!":