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Scratching that True Detective itch, with a pair of hit men.

Seeing as the world and her cat are all currently suggesting this that and the other cop show to fill the void left in the wake of Rust and Marty, I thought I might alert you all to a little something from the left field that kept popping into my head during the latter episodes of True Detective.

Ben Wheatley's Kill List.

The protagonists of Kill List are very much from the other side of the law to the True Detective err…detectives, Neil Maskell (Utopia) and Michael Smiley (A Field in England) play Jay and Gal a pair of ex-soldiers turned hit men. Whist Gal is rather laid back, Jay is far more damaged, running out of money having not taken a job since his last botched contract.


Naturally the two are drawn into taking one more job from a deeply mysterious client, a man who insists the deal is signed in blood.

From here things spiral out into a surreal and cult inflected chain of events, with the two men (Jay in particular, with a wife and child to worry about) turning from assassins to investigators as they try and piece together the bizarre conspiratorial world they've been drawn into, and what role they're meant to have within it.

I'll leave the details at that, but if you miss True Detective, particularly the elements involving The Yellow King and Carcosa you may well get something out of Kill List, even if it's only a few sleepless nights.

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