Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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SDCC Day 1

I didn't make up my mind about what I was doing today until I got to the convention center. Ballroom 20 all day for Sherlock and the X-Files or just hit the exhibition floor?

I got jazzed for Sherlock on my way to the con center and went with the line. We got in when they opened the room right away and sat through some tv previews before we got to the big panels; Psych, Sherlock, The X-files. (Spoiler alert, I made a decision to leave before X-files to get into another panel elsewhere.)

  • Intelligence: Josh Holloway's new show. When we got in they had started the full episode preview. But, it took me 15 minutes to realize that the disjointed collection of scenes was actually the full episode and not clips. Basically a series of tv tropes edited together and everything was exposition. No showing. All telling.
  • Starcrossed: This is the new CW "Rome & Juliet but Aliens" show. Basically it was Twilight meets Roswell. But, it got so bad that by the end of the episode we were all ready to buy the box set. Plus, this is the CW so ABS. The cast was actually pretty charming during their quick panel so I may watch for the cheese.
  • Beauty & the Beast: Um they were there.
  • Psych: I don't watch this show but wow I loved this panel. So much crazy. Cary Elwes was the surprise host! I loved it and will definitely be checking out the show now. And we all got Psych The Musical tee shirts.
  • Sherlock: Great “hello” videos from Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch to start the panel. They didn’t give very much information about next season but there was great talk about different Doyle storylines they liked to do, working on set, writing, etc. And then we got a scene from Season 3 episode 2. It was still a bit raw, no dubbing had been done yet. They made us swear to turn off cameras and not tell anyone. It isn’t necessarily spoilery but it was awesome. I’m keeping my mouth shut on it unless you really want to know! I’ll private message about it.

So, after that I made the decision to leave my high school love The X-Files behind and move on to my new love Hannibal. The Hannibal panel, or Pannibal as it was dubbed, was in a smaller room and I was getting nervous. I spent a LOT of time in that line. Pannibal was at 6:45. It was worth it. Bryan Fuller at his best. Hugh Dancy not looking like he’s having a mental breakdown. Fans dressed as stags and flower wreath crowns all over. Fuller made a stag cosplayer come up and take pics with him and Dancy jumped in.

Again, we didn’t get too much season 2 information. They have just finished breaking episode 3 so they aren’t too far in the process yet anyway. But we did get the always loved gag reel and our swag was one of Hannibal’s drawings. (I will post a photo when I get home next weekend. I don’t want to unroll it!) I had a blast at this panel. This fandom, the Fannibals, came up quickly and they were a great fandom to be in a room with. Bryan Fuller is clearly very engaged in the fandom and knew inside jokes and terms. Loved it.


After that we hit up the Ender’s Game offsite experience which was also awesome. A walk through of set pieces from house to battle school with tons of photo ops and volunteers to help take them for you. Plus a free green screened photo of you at the end. I honestly am not even sure what we were green screened in. I was super tired and my contact has had a smudge on it for hours. But, this was a super cool off site experience.

And then back to the hotel for food and showers and sleep!

Tomorrow: Exhibition floor. Offsite experiences and ALL HAIL THE VIKINGS! Can’t wait for this panel!


Sorry this is lacking photos. I haven't pulled them from the camera or my phone yet. Might be a few days before I can sort through those!

Awesome day today. Having a great time. Big grins all around!

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