Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Not a review of any kind but just wanted to post a quick blurb that the Strontium Dog fan made film Search/Destroy has been released and can be found at strontiumdogfanfilm com or over on YouTube. Without giving anything away the short, from the same folks who made the (really well made) Dredd related Judge Minty fan film, follows Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer, but thankfully no Gronk(s), as they track down someone who has killed off several S/D Agents.


(What follows is copied from the creator’s Strontium Dog Fan Film Facebook page.)

“From the creators of Judge Minty, a Judge Dredd fan film.

This project is a NOT FOR PROFIT fan film based on the 2000AD story - Strontium Dog. The makers of this film have no association with Rebellion or 2000AD.

The film will be based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant. We will attempt to create a ‘taster’ for Strontium Dog, based on an abridged, but coherent story, hopefully allowing us to cherry pick a selection of iconic moments.

Strontium Dog is a Registered Trademark, © Rebellion A/S®, All Rights Reserved.”


Anyway, just posting in case anyone else was interested.

[edit] Made a quick edit and changed the title and content to reflect that the film is Search/Destroy, not Search and Destroy. No idea why I lost the slash and where I got the “and” from.

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