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Season 11 of Face Off Ends With A Kung Fu-nale

Tiger Master faces off with Dragon Master in the kung fu-nale.

One of the finalists dubbed the finale challenge a Kung Fu-nale so I can’t take credit for that description. The final three Face Off All-Stars are tasked with creating fantastical kung fu masters. Who will win this battle royale and be crowned the winner of Season 11? Results ahead.


The three finalists - George, Emily, and Cig - meet McKenzie Westmore at a studio soundstage where she is joined by stuntman and actor Jeff Wolfe to introduce the challenge. Each contestant will create two kung fu masters who have taken on the animal features of their fighting style. As the show has done for other recent finales this one involves filming the creations. In this case the masters will also do choreographed fight scenes with wirework so the make-up has to be sturdy. It’s too much work for a single person to do with the time allotted so each finalist has three All-Stars who were eliminated earlier to help.Jeff Wolfe directs the short film The Legend of the Animal Scrolls starring the six animalized kung fu masters.

Emily is the first on set to have her characters filmed. She has the Crane and Mantis Masters with Tyler (of course), Adam, and Gage helping her. The cowl of her Mantis is loose when it’s first fitted so despite a quick fix she’s concerned it won’t hold up. Fortunately the cowl and the Mantis’ antennae stay in place and Emily is pleased with the results.


Cig is next up. His Dragon and Tiger Masters have speaking parts so his designs have to allow them to speak clearly. He has Logan, Evan, and Melissa helping him. The Dragon Master needs extra attention with his lips between takes but Cig is on it. He is also pleased with the final result.


George’s characters are the Eagle and Snake Masters and has Ben, Rachael, and Keaghlan helping him. He is the last up and has to wait even longer when filming on Cig’s scenes runs long. George is concerned his make-up may start to deteriorate during the long time between application and filming. But in the end he is also pleased with the results.

At the final reveal stage the next day all of the All-Stars are on hand to see the final version of the short film. At the end Cig is declared the winner. But Emily and George (and many of the other All-Stars) can still hold their heads high about the work they’ve done this season.


And Face Off will be back in June for Season 12.

McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the challenge introduction and the reveal stage (with Jeff Wolfe next to her).

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

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