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Seawater Sweeties

Ocean conservation is something that tends to be ignored unless something big ends up happening. And it can especially be hard to explain it to kids. In comes Shelly Rodriguez with her cute Seawater Sweeties. Each of these (oddly tasty looking) animals is was designed because it is one of the endangered animals in the ocean:


Eclair, the Otter, which represents the many otters that have been hunted in the past for their fur.

Loin Shark, which represents the many sharks that end up getting killed for their fins or for sport. Sharks are especially important to me, in big part because of many years spent terrified by Discovery Channels Shark Week.


And, last but not least, Mint Chocoturtle, a delicious baby turtle ice cream.

I admit, I don’t completely know if these will help inform people. They will each have handtags and I think the rest is up to people to use them to help inform people. The choice for using them as foods is a bit odd, but also really adorable.


I do think I could see myself using them to teach kids about conservation and adults as well. It is a clever, cute idea that allows people to be suckered in by sweet and then POW sad information about the ocean. And that’s why I’ve supported it. I figured I’d point it out to you guys as well.

All images from the kickstarter.

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