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Embroiled in Secret Santa? White Elephant thingy? Any other sort of buying small gifts for people you don't know that well (or don't know who you'll be giving it to)? Is this something you do normally? Are you the gift-giving ninja that can reduce a co-worker to happy sentimental tears in under $10 and fancy wrapping? Tell mamacita all about it, and the more genre you can fit in the better.

I'm in my first Secret Santa for 20 years, since university. Cue neurosis! I have gifting anxiety, because I'm always sure I'm shitty, but I need to get over myself, so I'm jumping in with both feet.


One of those feet is from Ruthless, and I'm shameless about that—I'm stealing <A href="http://observationdeck.io9.com/supernatural-f…">the SPN hex bag idea from his earlier post</a>. That's just perfect. I've already bought this:

but now I'm eyeing a Winchester Mystery House one—so the madness begins. I'll add salt packets, and I'm looking for a left shoe from a Ken doll, a toy soldier, a couple legos...now I'm getting verklempt...

Also, if you have ideas to share with other people or are in want of ideas for a hard to shop for loved one, or can help someone with ideas or where to find things (100% cotton socks almost killed me this morning, thank god that's done with) why not reach out here?


(See how I did not volunteer to run a Secret Giver exchange? I'm not crazy like someone's earrings might be)

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