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Remember those secret projects I hinted about? We’ve crossed those magical thresholds of silence for me to tell you about a few of them!

Sam Maggs, author of Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, Bioware writer, and occasional Gizmodo contributor, has a new book. Wonder Women highlights 25 amazing ladies in geek culture (STEM + espionage =STEME?), past and present. I’m one of the women in the book, and I’ve already developed squeal-worthy professional crushes on some of the other ladies from the peeks Sam gave me. Preorder is available now (which is a big deal for indie publishers), with a release date in October.


I’ve been keeping up a scattering of writing, including a piece for Annalee over on Ars Technica for a bit of nostalgia. I still find it disconcerting working with multi-week editing processes instead of everything being all panic, all right now, all the time.

For my Stargate peeps: I’ll be at Dragon Con (always!) on the new military science fiction track (and other, non-Stargate tracks), but I’ll also be at Gatecon (the first in years!), and part of the Stargate Enchantment cruise. For the cruise, if you name-drop me you get a discount on tickets.

I’ve also been doing more podcasts, dropping by Starship Sofa to chat about asteroid impacts, giggling about geophysics (and a weirdly grim aside for women in science) for Undersampled Radio, and recorded for a summer episode of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory while both myself and one of the hosts were deliriously ill.

Science Borealis, the adorbs nonprofit supporting science blogging in Canada that I’m now Editorial Manager for, is up for a(n equally adorbs low-key Canadian-only) People’s Choice award for science communication. Considering all my editors are volunteers, I’m really proud we’re even in consideration with organizations that have actual paid full-time staff like CBC’s Quirks & Quarks. The whole nomination list is a nice intro to north-of-the-border science. Voting closes on Saturday.


On a personal note, I finally took my formal group marriage vows to geophysics, swearing my obligation to do good science. After doing a quickie ceremony to get permission to wear my ring last year, it was really fun to go through the whole pomp and circumstance. You know it’s going to be an article some day. ;)

Upcoming projects: I’m waiting for clearance to talk about one more project, have a whole new bunch of projects awaiting finalization, and one that I’ll literally never be able to talk about but is excellent. I’ll be at the NASA Social for Juno’s arrival to Jupiter in early July, so keep an eye out on Twitter & New Scientist for that. Squee!

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