Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Because goddammit you people have decided you want one. I am nothing but a sucker for fun group activities.

I hope you realize that since Im writing this, we shall have no Gold Stars today. I have enough energy today for one post.

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Soooooo who wants to do a Secret Santa?

There's a few options:
1) Regional vs World Wide
Pros: opens up the world
Con: Shipping costs D:
If we do regional we lose some variety ( hi Canadian friends. Guess who you got!) but shipping is much much more reasonable.
2) Physical item vs virtual present
Pro: virtual tends to be free, no shipping
Con: I really like physical presents.


General pros:
We're pretty cool people and it would be easy to find our fandoms in our comments and posts.
Our group activities are a lot of fun.

Could get a tad pricey depending on what we do.
You would all have to trust me with personal info should you choose to join, unless I can find a Secret Santa program somewhere that somehow takes and gives addresses with out one person seeing all of them. Remember, my goal is to be an evil dictator. I could start with you.


So what was supposed to be a joke from Serenada (I don't blame you) about how I organize things has turned into reality. I blame the rest of you.

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