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Secret Wars #2: A Goddoom Delight

So, how’s your day going? Wow, that Supergirl trailer sure was something, eh? And that Flash episode! And don’t even get me started on Agents of SHIELD! So, obviously I’m just rambling again to avoid spoilers getting inadvertently headered. And....that...should...do it!

Secret Wars #2 was subtitled “God Emperor of Doom.” Hickman might just be my spirit animal. And it certainly deserves the name, because Battleworld was revealed and it was created by Doom. The 616 Doom, as far as I can tell.


Yup, that’s a whole heap o’ Thors worshipping Doom, and serving him as his flying Jedi Knights. Doctor Strange is his right hand man, while Valeria Richards — whoops, make that possibly Valeria Von Doom since apparently Doom and Susan Storm are groiny in this world (you’d think he’d bring back his first love, Valeria, but I guess to him one blonde is as good as another) — is his left-hand woman. Doom seems to have it all. Galactus is his guard dog, he has the more or less total submission of Battleworld’s many regions, and while there’s a rebellion here and there and snark from Mister Sinister (who kicks Captain Britain’s ass after the good chap decapitates Sinister), Doom has it pretty doom good.

Well, until a raft containing Ultimate Reed, Thanos, Loki and the rest of the Cabal opens in a desolate part of Battleworld. That’s gonna put a monkey wrench in things.

What I’m liking about Secret Wars so far is that Hickman isn’t wasting time in neutral. He keeps things moving, and damn interesting. Jaime Braddock’s heroic last stand against an army of Marvel Zombies, Annihilus’s Annihilation Wave, and a horde of Ultron’s was pretty damn awesome, if not actually shown completely. Of course, he was banished to their region after Doom discovered his rebellious leanings, but whatcha gonna do?


I really liked Galactus as guard dog. It was just so...Doom. Of course he’d have Galactus as his castle’s guard dog. And if this series will keep handing out treats like that, then I’ll be awaiting the next issue like a starving world devourer awaits yummy yummy planets.

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