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So, from what I’ve read, Terminator: Genisys has turned out to be a tremendous disappointment (though, how can a bad Terminator movie be a disappointment at this point? Doesn’t one have to be surprised to be disappointed?). That’s a shame, because I was really hoping those crazy kids would make it work. Oh well, there’s always Terminator: Exodys to look forward to...

Okay, that should just about get me out of the header. Now spoilers for Secret Wars #4 ahoy!


Well, speaking of disappointments, I was a little disappointed with this issue. Not because it was bad, far from it. It was chock full of tension and badassery. No, I’m disappointed because it seems all the progress Doom seemed to make into becoming a better person was either my own misunderstanding, or it was throne (no regrets) completely out the window once he learned Reed Richards, his archnemesis, is still alive and squatting in his realm.

As the Thor brigade fights the Cabal, Richards’ group of heroes arrives with Doctor Strange to aid the Thors, even while one Thor prays to Doom for aid. Doom observes the battle, deeming it beneath him to intervene...until he sees Richards.

Even as Susan sees something “special” about this “stranger,” we learn Doom looked in every corner of Battleworld searching for a version of Richards. He teleports to the battle site, demonstrates his power to the Cabal and Marvel Heroes, and orders them to bow to him. If they do, he says, he will be merciful and allow them a place in Battleworld. After the last issue, I believed him.

The heroes not only refuse, but CyPhoenix decides he should be God instead, and fries Doom to a crisp. Of course, Doom being actual God of Battleworld, snaps CyPhoenix’s neck, killing him (I assume). If CyPhoenix is dead, good riddance. I always hated Cyclops’s smug superiority.


Strange, seeing what Doom will do to the heroes if they refuse his rule, scatters them to different areas of Battleworld. Doom demands Strange bring them back, but Strange refuses, knowing that doing so will be condemning his old friends to death. He also says Doom is still afraid of Reed Richards, even when he’s God. Big mistake.

Doom kills Strange by tearing him to shreds and disintegrating him. Which is where the issue ends.


This...oye. I mean, it was all badass, but it was also a bit too Ultimatum-y for my taste. And it completely undoes Doom’s character development from issue 3, unless he actually didn’t kill Strange, but teleported him to some prison. Still, Doom’s obsession with Reed Richards is getting tiresome. So is his villainy. I was really looking forward to a new, better Doom, and now it just looks like the same old same old.

But who knows? It’s only issue 4. Future issues could very well surprise me, and Doom could end up being the hero I know he can be.

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