The Wheel of Time fan community seems to be in a tizzy after a show premiering at 1:30/12:30 Central tonight on FXX (Which I guess is FX but more Xtreme), Winter Dragon, came to light. Dragonmount posted to their Facebook page this screen cap of a programming schedule with the description for the show.

Lewis Therin returns home to his family after a 10-year war against an army of darkness; he is greeted by an unexpected guest.


Presumably Lewis Therin is a typo for Lews Therin, aka Lews Therin Telamon, aka The Lord of Morning, aka Prince of Dawn, aka The Champion of Light, aka The Promised One, aka The Dragon. That last title being the most important and why the show may be called Winter Dragon. Though the phrase "Winter Dragon" was in no way ever uttered so that is a little headscratching.

I checked my DVR and have the same thing except mine doesn't list a name, just "a man". It does sound like it could be a Wheel of Time show even without the name. The prologue to Eye of the World did involve Lews Therin returning home after the War of Power and having an unexpected guest. The length of the war was kind of vague but Robert Jordan did say about 10 years in one of the companion books.

If it is a Wheel of Time show I am sure the guest will be a pleasant surprise and we will see many happy episodes of Lews Therin and his family. I am kind of excited for the prospect but is it even possible to have a stealth pilot for a show like this in this day and age?

Edit: Captain Max and Jinx pointed out it is blatantly listed as The Wheel of Time on FXX's website. Though listed at 10:30PM Eastern. Very confusing. Real or just elaborate hoax to trick a relatively small number of people?