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Secrets of SHIELD to go on an indefinite hiatus

Man, writing the Secrets of SHIELD has been fun, but priorities and opportunities have changed, so the secrets may need to stay secret a bit longer.

So there I was last week, working on a Secrets of SHIELD write-up for Jessica Jones, and low and behold, io9 posts a great roundup of comic book connections while I was in mid-post! And heck, I could’ve written a long post about some specific aspect of the show, but again, Kotaku had a great angle covered! Now sure, there were things I would’ve included that were left out, but when I started writing the Secrets of SHIELD, there was - as far as I could tell anyway - nothing quite to that level of esoteric pedantry on io9, so I felt I was, in some way, filling a niche. Seems like the staff writers have that pretty well covered now.


And that’s the thing, I’m not a staff writer.

After I left the journalism field years ago to take up teaching,writing was still in my blood - it was an itch that needed scratched. I attempted to alleviate this by writing my own blog, Monomythic.com, as a fun side project - even interviewing a few comic professionals in the few months it was active. But not long after that, I got my first gig with the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, and I let pro bono blogging go by the wayside while paying jobs were available, but as those jobs thinned out, I went back to blogging, this time at Kinja.

Now though, as the freelance market shifts again, Secrets of SHIELD has become something I need to let go. I can’t stop writing though - it’s just not in me to give up - so as I wait with baited breath for paying gigs to come in again, I’m returning to my old haunt for most posts.


I had reblogged a lot of my articles at Monomythic anyway (though I didn’t go about publicizing it), but I always left the Secrets of SHIELD at the Observation Deck, and that’s where the secrets shall stay. I may start up a new “secrets” style series at monomythic, but for now, the regular weekly Kinja recaps are going on hiatus.

Though I will post one more Secret’s of SHIELD for old time’s sake, as the mid-season finale is coming up.


I’ll still post on Kinja from time to time, and I’m not leaving the Observation Deck altogether, but I have been posting less and less on Kinja lately, and that trend may continue.

For now if you want, check me out on Monomythic! Also, check out some of the old columns I did before coming over here, like Marvel Mystery Mondays (spotlighting a different super obscure Marvel character each week), Woden’s Day Wisdom (an intermittent spotlight on various hero and monster myths), Science Fantasy Fridays (with insights into various speculative fiction tropes or concepts), or Kick-Ass Robots (a series on underappreciated robots that was a hold-over from a friend’s now-defunct blog) - sure, those old posts show their age, but let me know if any old columns need revived, or if there are other things (like TV show or comic book recaps) that would bring you back as a regular reader!


As I hadn’t promoted the site since 2009, there is a distinct lack of comments over there, so if you spot a story worth chiming in on, or notice something I did wrong - please let me know.

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