Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Have you ever just randomly found something that was so awesome you had to share it? Well, I just did: after Kamala Khan’s debut on Avengers: Ultron Revolution this Sunday, I wanted to know who was the voice actor who played her in the episode, so I checked IMDb and found it was Kathreen Khavari (yes, she does share her initials with Kamala Khan, which is cool). Then I checked her website and found that she had done a written and starred in a short film called Brain of Terror, which was just hilarious (and has some biting social commentary).

And then I found that she had done an entire web series using the same concept called Reign of Terror:

Seriously, watch all three episodes. She is hilarious. And then go watch her video about racial profiling.


No wonder the “About” page on the YouTube channel says “Because social injustice CAN be funny.”

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