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Seeking Podcast Co-Host

I recently started a podcast where I have fairly good-natured, casual debates with a friend of mine who disagrees with me about a lot of things. I liked where it was going, but now he's not sure whether he'll be able to continue. I was really enjoying the chance to think through the positions I hold and see how they hold up against an opposing viewpoint (but in a civil way), and so I'd really like to continue having these types of discussions.

The original thrust of the subject matters was along theological lines (I'm an atheist and he's a Christian), but that's not sacrosanct. If you believe in God, and you'd like to continue that line of discussion, I'd be happy to oblige. But if you don't really care about that stuff, I'd be happy to talk about other things too. The name of the podcast is "I Think You're Wrong," so the format is very flexible to talk about any variety of things, as long as there's some level of debate and civil disagreement. I do have a lot of strong opinions about various geek-niche topics, so I'm sure it wouldn't hard to find something you disagreed with me about if you wanted to progress along those lines. I don't post here anymore because I got tired of people on the internet jumping to the worst possible conclusions about things, but if you dig deep enough into the archives or look at my homepage, you'll be able to find plenty of strong opinions I hold that I'd be up for a good, rational discussion about. However, I'm not very interested in having political discussions, because I feel like those tend to get a lot more nasty very quickly.

I don't really care about specific "qualifications." I'm not looking for a particular age or gender, and you don't need to have an advanced degree in philosophy (I don't). The two things I do care about are that you don't just try to win the argument by name-calling or shouting the other person down, and that you keep the commitments of time that you make to this. I'd prefer someone who can commit to regular discussions, but if you can only commit to one, I'm open to that, just as long as you can firmly commit to a specific time and then stick with it.


Also, if anyone has any experience with the technical side of podcasting, I'd be very interested in hearing from you as well, and may even be willing to pay a meager fee for your services.

Edit: even though I'd prefer to have something more fully-developed before releasing to the public, I decided that posting what I do have might be a more effective way of drawing in potential co-hosts, so I posted links to what I've got so far on a basic Wordpress blog, here.

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