Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Greetings, my lovely ODeckers. What have you been up to? How are you spending your weekend? What are you up to these coming fall and winter? Come talk! I have been weird and unfocussed, and absent. I might just start flooding you with articles and participations soon. Anyway, share your projects, talk about yourselves, and so on.


Skip my following rant if you want and talk about whatever.

Now some TMI. I have very little and a lot going on lately, which is why I have been ven less participative than before. I had to resign to my middle-school gig because they wanted to transfer me to a very dangerous part of the state, and it would have also affected me negatively professionally and money-wise... so I have been underemployed. I am starting to take non-digital painting a bit more seriously again and bough a SHIT-TON of things to entertain me, including watercolors and paper to paint some. However I have been also meaning to write more, and the stars might be aligning themselves in a way that I can use it as a pretext to participate more in the ODeck. With silly stuff mostly.

I got into a contest to become a full-time English teacher, but I have to pass some expensive and difficult certifications first. If I get the job, I would be teaching other teachers how to implement English in Mexican elementary and middle schools beyond the regular English as a second language classes. Fortunately, the contest means that I am not paying for those certifications, so even if I don’t get the job, I get some sweet ass Cambridge diplomas. Also bragging rights. I just have to actually pass.

I have no problems with English in general. My spelling is mostly cromulent, but I do have to practice writing a bit more carefully and yet faster. So for the following 2 months I am gonna do my best to write essays, reviews, analyses and other formal and informal texts so I can be up to speed for the Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency English certification and the Teachers Kit level 4 certification.

All of this leads me to want to share some of the geekier stuff I end up writing in the ODeck. Having said that, I still have to continue as a business professor anyway, so I might not actually write that many publishable things.

If it gets annoying let me know!

Rant over. The image on top is me trying up the cheap-ish watercolor paper. Now talk about whatever you want! Or make suggestions about types of essays and articles you’d be interested in for the ODeck!


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