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The business model that makes the most sense is to find a way to turn a profit with the least over head.

Companies often complain about employees complaining about fair wages. For the company the pendulum has now swung in their favor. Pizza Hut in Asia have partnered up with MasterCard to utilize robot waiters in their restaurants. Meet Pepper.


Pepper the Robot is able to interact with customers by taking food orders. Pepper caries a tablet to select from food from the menu therein. But customers must have a MasterPass account.

Here’s how it works: Customers will greet the robot, then pair their MasterPass account by either tapping the Pepper icon on their phones or by scanning a QR code on robot’s tablet.

With Pepper, executives expect will make ordering easier and faster. And reduce labor costs.

Of course, this new component creates a real world problem for the fast-food workers.


Not surprising that this makes the most business sense to a franchise and corporation in the long run. Restaurants in the US have not yet deployed robot workers, though fast-food chains will be keeping an eye on the success of Pepper in Asia.


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Images from MasterCard

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