House of Cards should end this way: Frank Underwood and the president are sitting in the oval office talking about various political machinations and Underwood then takes his leave, shuffling slowly out of the office.

The president sits, mulling the conversation over and staring absent-mindedly at a stack of letters on his desk. Then, he spots a name in the pile and recognizes it as a name Underwood had mentioned a few minutes ago. He thinks, huh. That's weird. Then he begins looking around his office, noticing that more and more things were in their conversation.


He drops his coffee in slow motion.

Outside, we see Frank slowly shuffling along, and then his gait straightens; he draws himself up to his full height and taps a cigarette out as a car pulls up to the curb.

He gets into the car, and we see that Mr. Kobiyashi is at the wheel.

The president comes barreling out of the White House, looking around frantically for Underwood.


In the background, the car slips by.

Voiceover: "The greatest trick the Vice-President ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that... He's gone."


Roll credits.