I finished watching all twelve episodes of Sense8 on Netflix and my thoughts on it are mixed. The parts I liked I really liked but there was also a lot that didn’t work for me. Spoilers ahead.

I can’t say I fully connected with all eight characters and my attention wandered during some of the screen time devoted to them. I get that they were showing how each of the eight drew from the others to overcome their particular problem. But scenes from that part of Sense8 is where the show was dragging for me. And I didn’t really need to see eight different birthing scenes in a row (actually nine but the last one actually had significance to the story).

Since J. Michael Straczynski is involved I look at this season of Sense8 along the lines of the first season of Babylon 5 in that things are being set up for future seasons. I’m fine with not everything being revealed since they did at least explain some of what’s going on. While everything wasn’t tied up with a neat bow at least they didn’t end on a cliffhanger (though for a moment I thought the final episode was going to end on the mountain) and most of the individual character arcs reached some sort of initial resolution for the time being. While there are still plenty of unresolved things, enough was done so that I won’t feel left hanging if the show doesn’t come back.


Assorted thoughts:


  • For those who keep track of that sort of thing, Will, the white guy from Chicago, was the closest thing to a main character of the eight followed by the two white women. And those three were the only ones of the eight physically present for events happening in the larger story arc.
  • The social commentary in Sense8 wasn’t at all subtle. I get it, guys. Mean and intolerant people suck.
  • I would have preferred the non-English speakers using their native language with subtitles unless they were in Sense8 mode with one of the other eight but I know that’s asking too much.