Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Seriously, does anyone remember when I did the last one of these? I feel like it's been forever!

So today's challenge is this picture, titled "Space Siren" by Julie Dillion. I admit, over 2 weeks of reading about Greek and Roman myths, imprinted in my brain so that might have effected my choice of picture.

Illustration for article titled Creative Challenege, Space Siren

Your story just has to be about or inspired by this picture or title. It can be as sublte or obvious as you like.

Halcyon materialize in the copilot chair, laid back with his virtual legs up on the console. "Lucas, in all of the years of my artificial life, you are the only pilot I know who's not creeped out by her." Lucas looked up from his star map and out of the deck window. "A huge mass of helium and star dust is something to be afraid of. By the way, it's not a 'Her'." "You know that's not why pilots are afraid."

Halcyon stood up and stared out into the space. Before them glowed bright yellows and blues, swirling and drifting together and into the darker edges of the stars. In the central of it all held the eponymous Siren, a form the color of a dark wine hue with stars pulsing in her body like diamonds. She loomed over another form, holding its face close to her own. The second form was dim compared to the siren's. "Have you ever heard the legend of that inspired her name?"

Lucas nodded. "Of course. Sirens were mythical creatures that were stuck on an island or something and sang a song so beautiful that compelled any person passing them to come closer. The poor saps were so out of their minds that they didn't realize that the sirens' island was surrounded by sharp rocks and leading them to their deaths." Halcyon shook his head. "It wasn't that simple. The Sirens' song gave you visions of your greatest dreams: riches, fame and love, glory itself, anything. It also gave showed you your greatest flaw, your Achilles heel one could say."


Halcyon never turned from the window as Lucas walked next to him. "The first time I flew here, I thought my sensors were malfunctioning. I thought there was no way I could have just flew through her form. Even now, they're going haywire. There's something about almost...Primordial about it. As if the sirens abandoned their island for the stars, hoping to luring new travelers."

As they stared out, the second form seemed to dim, as if its energy was slowly pulled by the siren's grasp. "Be careful not to fly to close, my friend. You never know what lurks."

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