Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Set report filming confirms ALL THE CYBERMEN for the Doctor Who season finale.

Not just the Mondasian ones, but Cybus, Nightmare in Silver, and (while I haven’t seen any photos yet) supposedly Invasion and Revenge as well.


Based off the clip above of the homeless guy explaining to Bill that “one day something appeared in the sky” and a few other set reports, my supposition is that something has happened to alter the course of history, and the Mondasian invasion in 1985 from The Tenth Planet succeeded, or at least, didn’t fail completely, and what we’re seeing is an alternate version of 2017 where they’ve been the masters of Earth for over 30 years.

That would explain why there are all sorts of different Cybermen walking around, plus partially-converted cyber slaves as well. Considering that the homeless guy’s right arm is weirdly bandaged (almost like a Muto from Genesis) I’m guessing that he’s one of those people who’s body rejected cyber-conversion (shades of Attack of the Cybermen there), and he’s got a barely functional cyber arm hidden under there.

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