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Seven Keys Doctor Who dies

The Doctor Who News website is reporting that a former Doctor has died, aged 87. Trevor Martin is the Time Lord in question, who although he was once considered for the role never played The Doctor on television.

He was, however, the first stage Doctor, in Doctor Who and The Seven Keys to Doomsday. The elaborate production hit the West End after Jon Pertwee had left the show, but before Tom Baker made his full debut. The show ran at the Adelphi Theatre for four weeks in 1974 and co-starred Wendy Padbury along with a handful of Daleks. He reprised the part when Big Finish reunited the cast for an audio version of the play.


Martin was a familiar face on British tv, appearing in The Onedien Line, Inspector Morse, Z-Cars, Orlando, Coronation Street and The Bill. He performed alongside Jon Pertwee in the Doctor Who Radio 2 series, The Ghosts of N-Space.

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