Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Severe troll warning today for the upper io9 coastline...


Between the Star Wars: Rebellion post and the Dvorksy "little girl stole grad student research" post, the angry troll army is out in force. If the comments got anymore low-brow it would be a beard, ya dig?


I am also rather evil: I poked a few of them to see what would happen (especially on the Dvorsky post; I actually think the grad student is probably correct in his accusations...) and BOOM! Explodey angry pithy-monsters! It took very little to provoke them. I just couldn't resist... I suppose that says something about me, eh. I'll have to work on that.


Anyway, I'm a bit baffled by the angry dude on the Star Wars article, though. When about a dozen people question your vague post, it probably means your post was vague, not "YOU GUYS ARE SO DENSE AND DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!" Yee ha.

Anyway, back to posting the important stuff... like photos of Lil Bub.

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