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Beware spoilers.


Over on the mainpage Morning Spoilers has a little quote from Steven Moffat about the forthcoming regeneration of the current occupant of the TARDIS. It is kind of timely, if not wimey, because on this day in 1974 some of us were watching a previous Time Lord bite the dust.

This is what we were promised in the Radio Times:

17.35:Dr Who: Planet of the Spiders: Part 6

A six-part story by Robert Sloman

starring Jon Pertwee

Will Tommy’s innocence protect him from the power of the spiders? Will the spiders succeed in their plan to take over Earth? Will the Doctor risk destruction by returning to the Cave of the Great One?

The Dr Who Radio Times Special - 68 full colour, action-packed pages - is on sale now, price 30p, from newsagents


Writer: Robert Sloman

Incidental music by: Dudley Simpson

Script Editor: Terrance Dicks

Designer: Rochelle Selwyn

Director: Barry Letts

K’anpo: George Cormack

Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen

Dr Who: Jon Pertwee

Tommy: John Kane

Barnes: Christopher Burgess

MOSS: Terence Lodge

Keaver: Andrew Staines

Land: Carl Forgione

Queen Spider: Kismet Delgado

Cho-je: Kevin Lindsay

Mike Yates: Richard Franklin

Lupton: John Dearth

Lupton’s spider: Ysanne Churchman

Arak: Gareth Hunt

Tuar: Ralph Arliss

The Great One: Maureen Morris

Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart: Nicholas Courtney

Having been ravaged by Metabelis radiation, The Doctor, as played by Jon Pertwee, collapsed on the floor of UNIT HQ and, well, died. Luckily Cho-je teleported in to give the regeneration process a little push and the dead Doc became Tom Baker. Did we already know him as the evil magician in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad? Perhaps?

Things would never be the same ...

There is a twist in the tale if you pick up Lawrence Miles two-book novel Interference. Technically they are Eighth Doctor novels but towards the end something happens that changes the fate of our favourite Gallyfreyian. You can read a different regeneration for the Third Doctor.



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