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Share What's Your Favorite Binge Watching Snack In Your Saturday Open Thread.

If you’re going to settle into your favorite spot to spend a good chunk of time to catch up on a new show, you are going to need something to eat. I’m a big nachos fan, easy to make and if I add some pico de gallo I can try to tell myself it’s healthy since there’s some vegetables involved.

Today’s plan is to blame the weather for being lazy. Since I’m currently surrounded by thunder storms it’s a good plan. I may get some laundry out of the way since the machines do all the real work.


Also I found out that Maytag gifs with general trash talk are now a thing on giphy. Better yet, they feature Sheriff Jack Carter from Eureka! I can’t wait to use these during the coming baseball playoffs and the ongoing NFL and College Football Season.


Got a favorite snack? Got interesting plans? Want to brag about something you picked up? Just want to chat? It’s the Open Thread!

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