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Shark Week Announces Presence by Epically Riding in on Sharks

It's hard to be a fan of Shark Week nowadays. Last year they put a lot of pseudoscience out, including the awful fake documentary about the Megalodon that actually had people believing Megalodons still exist. Granted there were some positive things that came out of Shark Week like David Shiffman's in-depth AMA. However Discovery seemed to just drop the ball on programming while the internet filled the void with great articles and listicles. For every great article on conservation, there was a Sharkpocalypse that proceeded to spread bad information.


That said, Discovery's promo hailing the coming of this year's Shark Week is freaking awesome. Who wouldn't want to ride in on a bunch of sharks like you're Aquaman?

The chum flinging seems a bit risky and I'm concerned for the seals, but let's all just appreciate the moment where the shark jumps out of the water and takes out a seagull like a dog catching a piece of popcorn. That is a thing of horrifying beauty.

It's an honest to god crap shoot if we'll get good science programming out of a channel that's supposed to be dedicated to creating science programming. There could be a special about testing the possibilities of a Sharknado for all we know. We'll always have this promo though. They can never take it and it's ludicrous magnificence away from us.

UPDATE: The programming schedule is out. We're getting "Sharkageddon" and "Megalodon: The New Evidence". This is why we can't have nice things.


[via mashable]

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