Wow, I didn’t even realize until just now I had been given posting rights to O-Deck. This is the best birthday present a boy (as far as you know) could ask for.

This thread is to discuss the just completed live Rifftrax show for “Sharknado 2”. If you missed it there will be a rebroadcast on July 16th. Go to the Rifftrax Live page for more information. With that said here there be spoilers so be aware.


I thought it was a great show. I went with two friends and we had a blast. It was the last chance to see these guys before my vacation ended and i’m happy they could make it. The short was one of those Coronet shorts about appreciating your parents. It has a grown up Velma from Scooby Doo as Mom, Fat Ben Linus from LOST as Dad and a demonic puppet a la Mr. B Natural. Good old fashioned 50s-60s nightmare fuel designed to keep kids in line.

The movie itself was a joy. You don’t need to see the first movie. I didn’t and I doubt it would have mattered. There were bad SFX, horrible acting, d list cameos up the wazoo and plot holes big enough to drive many sharks through. A great movie to riff. I am in my car typing this so i’ll just close it out with two of my favorite moments.

1. Shark slams into a building “it’s ok it just took out the Gawker Media office.”

2. The entire awkwardness of the Jared Fogel cameo. “We had a joke here on Monday folks.”


Share your thoughts in the comments and of course feel free to share to any other sub-blog you want. Have a great night everyone.