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Sherlock 3 Episode 2. Something about 3s

Spoilers ahead

So I saw episode 2 last night. I complained about episode 1 being a massive character development episode that was a total reboot of the show's format thus far. After watching episode 2 I know why I hated episode 1 so much. It was so damn predictable. Like almost any show on TV it was obvious John would be pissed at Sherlock for not telling him he was alive. The fact that he beat up Sherlock was not at all a surprise based on their characters thus far.

Episode 2 was a big contrast to episode 1. The character development was enjoyable and even somewhat unpredictable. Sherlock actually said some decent things in his 5 hour toast. Mary's character was fleshed out quite a bit (which is good) as well. We were reminded that Watson is a Doctor and they Sherlock actually gave worth to the role he plays in this partnership.


In Elementary Joan Watson's role as a sober companion is an obvious one. Her role as a consulting detective is constantly evolving and she's progressively learning to spot the clues as well. What did Watson do in Sherlock thus far? To be honest I don't know. Other than get in Sherlock's way or play bait for Sherlock those types of things. So the points in the speech about what Watson does do was a very nice piece of character development in the series.

And while the mystery wasn't the focus of this episode it was entertaining. If this whole season is like this it'll have me a little disappointed that we didn't really have a case per se. Still at least last night's episode was enjoyable.

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