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Sherlock S3 Episode 1 - Spoilers inside

Spoilers inside.

So i finally saw Episode 1. Streamed from the horrible PBS website that wouldn't let me stream it in a resolution any higher than 180p without constant buffering. The DVR is set for Episodes 2 and 3.

Anyhow I found the episode to be rather boring in hindsight. It seemed like more of an episode of character development than an episode of solving a mystery. Also Mycroft and Sherlock talking about the hat... ok great. How did we go from talking about the hat to knowing who owns the hat? They just walk in on the train guy one scene.


They diffused a bomb with an off switch? Really? Major letdown there.

As far as how Sherlock survived I'm OK with it. I loved how they paid tribute to some of the fan theories. That was hilarious.

I love the fact that the episodes are 90 minutes. Not a huge fan of the fact that there are only 3 episodes though when 1 of the 3 is more or less wasted on fan service and character development.

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