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Agnes Mary Winstead is my new favorite character in the American Horror Story universe. Who doesn’t love a thespian dedicated to their craft? No one, that’s who. What new delights and surprises will AHS: Roanoke bring this week?

I require a video of the police showing up to arrest Agnes rendered in the style of Cops

So there is speculation online that perhaps Jessica Lange will come back into the AHS fold and play the real Butcher. That would be GLORIOUS! Therefore, it probably will not happen. Then again, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this season of AHS as much as I have so maybe she will.


What I do know is that Jessica will be playing Joan Crawford.

Opposite Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis in Murphy’s new show Feud.

Oh. That’s what happened to Baby Jane

And it will be GLORIOUS!

This is your American Horror Story: Roanoke episode chapter 7 live viewing discussion thread and post-mortem playground. Have at it!


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