This episode was pretty good. Although I hate the name I love the brotherhood storyline and Dominic. I'm even wondering if he like Elias senses the change in the world given the rise of Samaritan. Plus its fucking hilarious that Elias is once again a number LULZ. And the episodes second plot continued the saga of Samaritan. This season with the Machine gang has still been saving lives under new rules that has gotten them pretty close to be detected. If Samaritan is always watching and they are saving numbers someone was eventually going to get seen and cross paths with Martine. I am so fucking scared that that someone is Sameen. Here is the ending of tonights episode:


The look on Sameen's face.....I don't think I've ever seen that look. All I know is PLEASE DON'T KILL SHAW. The creators have said that this year there is another death, please don't let it be Shaw. Will this be the thread that unravels the teams cover identities? I CAN'T WAIT A WEEK.

GIFS via Tumblr