I went to the coolest fair this weekend! The Northern California PirateFest is held on Father's Day weekend every year down on the waterfront in Vallejo. I guess it's a lot like a Ren Faire, but with the addition of tents set up for different pirate groups just to show of their cosplaying skills. THE COSTUMES WERE INCREDIBLE! I would say at least a third of the crowd, if not more, were wearing full costumes. It's definitely hard to pick which one of 'em was my favorite, but I'm leaning to the Lady Lobster Pirate above with her sparkly tail and jellyfish parasol. (I've got more photos of the pirate cosplay on our site if you wanna see 'em.)

Oh and the ship to shore battle was so much fun! This was my first time making a Vine so ... yeah, it's sideways. Anyway, it's still a really good little vid of the fight. Look at the freaking jet of flame that comes out that last cannon!

Has anyone else been to a Pirate Festival? Apparently there used to be one up in the Pacific Northwest until a steamboat ran over the docked pirate ship. There's also supposed to be one in England.